Fiori, cose, persone…A photographic collective at III Symposium of contemporary art in Scampia, Napoli








Four artists’ works about vision of life on women and things presented inside the III Symposium of contemporary art of Scampia, Naples.

Patrizia Di Siro, though black and white shots, talks about the beauty sense that still remain in withering flowers; a metaphor of women’s life, whose beauty ling on beyond the elapse of time, as the beauty is in every place, it needs only wish to see it.

Anja Mattila Tolvanen, uses her camera like a lens, toi catch little details in the wide finnish landscapes. A careful research that force to pay attention on the beauty of partiality.

Gianmario Masala, presents some photographs taken inside a psico-phisic disabled institute. Reality of youngs that face life from a very particular point of view is dramatic showed through use of multiple layer of textures.

Antonella Prota Giurleo, Will project a dvd: “Mani dicenti”, containing pictures taken between India and Italia. Women’s hands, gestures of female knowledge taken from everyday life and artworks, re-ordered in a sequence referred to the lapse of a day.

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