Harmonia exhibition in Finland

artwork by Antonella Prota Giurleo

On the nexth wednesday 1st of June will take place in Rönnvikin viinitila (Rönnvik wine-estate), Hämeenlinnantie 270, FI-36660 Laitikkala, Finland, the exhibition “Harmonia” of the artists Antonella Prota Giurleo and Gianmario Masala and the poetry of Anja Mattila Tolvanen.

The expo is about the collages of abstract art by Antonella and the reworks projected on big size screen by Gianmario is a sort of collaboration, to give to the visitors the experience of multiplies performances.

The duration is from 1st of june to 31th of august 2011 and the opening will be at 6.00 pm with readings of poem by Anja Mattila, that will be also the curator of the expo and introduce it with the help of Paul Tiilila.       

artwork by Gianmario Masala

I really liked the works of Antonella for “Armonia” and i was very lucky she proposed me to collaborate giving my inerpretation of her artworks through my digital elaborations. The pieces are 34 and i will post soon some of them and also the slideshow called “Harmonia Reworks”.

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