Mail art about water, a collective: the report

I’m very late with the reports of all the expos we announced here but finally there the mail art initiative about water that have been place on last 2th of june 2010. As I ve already said in the first article many people sent their works and as u can see they were settled up open air. There were also my photographic composition “water is life”, that you can see below, among the others.

Gianmario Masala artwork and others

Beside all the artwork arrived via mail there were some artworks from Mirko BozzatoGretel Feher and Loredana Scarian. The were also some works made by Mari Jana Pervan and Veronica Menni.

As you know the theme of the artistic event was the law about privatization of the water service supplies by the italian government. In many regions of Italy the local authorities have refused the privatization process and affirmed the same as the UE Parliament and modified their statutes to protect water as a good common.

So that day there were also a meeting with some personalities from the local government city of Corsico, provincia of Milano and journalists to explain how the new national law works and how to contrast it: really an interesting event for all the people living in the area, beside all the artworks in exposition.

(Photos by Gianmario Masala and courtesy by Antonella Prota Giurleo, edited by Gianmario Masala)

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