Landscape #4

Landscape #4, inserito originariamente da Gianmario Masala.

Copyright © Gianmario Masala Artworks


Big mistakes
Biggest hurt
My whole past behind glass
Great divide
Great deceit
The whole past on my mind
Remember the small things
You say: Remember the small things.

All the textures used for this work are from: JoesSistah… , Lenabem , pareeerica , skeletalmess , les brumes , Sooper Tramp , Eddy 07 , una cierta mirada , Boccacino , Keyimagen-Javi , Sick Little Monkey , xd360 , S3PTIC-STOCK , adamned art, rubyblossom, Visualogist , Brenda Starr , Ava Verino , encounter – Laura , cleanzor’s photostream , Dirk Wustenhagen’s photostream .Thanks very much for their awesome creations..

[Landscapes from farm park south Milan Series] 04/05

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