Looks on the Territory: farm park south Milan/Sguardi sul Territorio: il parco agricolo sud Milano

On next 9th of september opening of my personal exhibition, with my friend Mirko Bozzato photographer and graphic designer, 7.00 pm at Gheroartè, “laboratori di espansione creativa” (warehouses of creativity expansion), in Corsico (Milano, Italy). “Looks on the territory: farm park south Milano” is the title/theme of the expo. Farm park of south Milano is a reality Mirko and I both appreciate the biggest green area of Milano: a beautiful reality that need to be protected by building speculation. The expo is about a collaboration between us …we are really friends since we were kids and he started to take pictures about the awesome landscapes there during last two last years: i proposed him to re-work with my style on his photos. The prints of Mirko’s photographs will be show on some standings, mine will be project on a screen in big size; i also create a playlist selection of ambient and micro-electronic music from North Europe bands like Sigur Ros, Lali Puna, Mum, Notwist King of Convenience and so on:  I found them good to give the right support to the images.

Im very glad finally i made a big work on landscapes images, trying to give them a sense of dramatic force to represent all the pressure by the building interests around the park-area: the idea is use my  textures to show a hidden dark side that could  break the peace and the beauty of this place.

Artist and curator Antonella Prota Giurleo, our “mentor” and great friend, thanks very much for her precious work and support!

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