The Underworld

The Underworld, inserito originariamente da Gianmario Masala.

The Demons will never give up……they always try to bring you with them down in their (other)world, dark, obscure and frightful: that is the Underworld. A place to avoid, a place of torment and pain….you really need to fight hard to resist and don’t be their prey. This conflict can make u stronger, can help to know yourself better: in fact …this is the fight for your life, the struggle we all need to overcome and become the person we are.

Copyright © Gianmario Masala Artworks



Don’t be aroused
By my confession
Unless you don’t give a good
God damn about Redemption
I know Christ is comin’, so am I
And you would too
If the sexy devil caught your eye

Jesus is risen, it’s no surprise
Even he would martyr his mama,
To ride to hell between those thighs
(Who wouldn’t?)
The pressure is building
At the base of my spine
If I gotta sin to see her again
Then I’m gonna lie and lie and lie

My pulse has been rising
My temples are pounding
The pressure is so overwhelming and building
So steady they’re fretting
I’m ready to blow
What is she, what is she,
What is she waiting for?


She’ll suck you dry,
But still you’ll cry
To be back in her bosom
To do it again
She’ll make you weak,
And moan and cry
To be back in her bosom
To do it again

(Pray) Pray ’til I go blind
(Pray) Pray because no one ever survives
Prayin’ to stay in her arms just to die longer
Saviors and saints,
Devils and heathens alike
She’ll eat you alive.

All the textures used for this work are from:
JoesSistah… , pareeerica, skeletalmess, les brumes, Sooper Tramp, Eddy 07, una cierta mirada, Boccacino, Keyimagen-Javi, Sick Little Monkey, xd360, adamned art, rubyblossom (links are in my photostream) and from:
Brenda Starr
Ava Verino
encounter – Laura
Thanks very much for their awesome creations.

[Demons Series] 5

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