La Sposina sbagliata, collective artist’s book exhibition

I’m very glad to announce that i will partecipate at the collective expo “La sposina sbagliata” (“the wrong bride”) on next 5th of May in Torino, about at 1-2 hours from Milano. The expo will take place at the University of Study of Torino Oriental Cultures Department at 2.30 pm till 4.00 pm, project by Antonella Prota Giurleo and organization by Alessandra Consolaro (professor of Hindi language and culture at Torino’s University) and Anna Schoenstein (director of A Oriente! publishing house).

Here the artists names: Martine BoubalGiuseppe DentiNadia MagnaboscoMarilde MagniGretel FehrFrancesco CucciMichele LorenzelliMari Jana PervanLuca RendinatopylabrisRuggero Maggi, Peppe Monetti, Stefania Tussi, Florence Valero, Rosanna VeronesiDonato di PoceIsabella Gobbatoanna Rosa Faina gavazziMaria Grazia ZanmarchiFernanda FediVeronica MenniAntonella Prota Giurleo and I, Gianmario Masala.

I have already posted on my “GM Artoworks” blog the picture i’ve released: La sposina (Citra Mudgal’s book) and I ve already written about the first presentation of this exhibition on these pages in the article ArteAmbiente_2010. So this is a new occasion to see the wonderful artist’s book all the artists made.

(original post on Inspirations – gianmario masala)

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