Antonio Sormani, the landscape’s memories

On last Saturday 10th of April i went to the vernissage of “Landscape’s memory” (Memoria del Paesaggio), exhibition of paintings with artworks by Antonio Sormani and Ernesto Saracchi.The expo takes place at Sala La Pianta di Corsico (Milano) till next april 25th, arranged by Rotary Club Corsico Naviglio Grande and Banco di Celestino, 7th edition of Sprinstime in Corsico. I won’t focus on Saracchi’s works but on Antonio Sormani’s. As Antonio said: ” I never paint live from reality. I paint from memory cause what i remember is selective and keeps only what stricken more my unconscious.”

As i know Antonio since long time (ages i could say), he is serious and rigoorous in his art and this expo shows how he is perform his concept of memory: remember something is like to see it for the first time, discover it right now….And this is the source of Antonio’s inspirations: memories and not the look at the things. His oils of canvas are splitted in four squares that have the hard job of contain, keep his idea of the subject. The shadow of someone, the silhouette of a landscape… the light sign of what he draws on the canvas, founded on what he “knows” is his subject.

And this need of order, this precise boundary of his art is the “field” of the artist’s meanings: fours squares like photographs. Perfect to keep inside all the emotions, the chromatic impressions, the balance… playing inside the square shape reminding of Giorgio Morandi (“di morandiana memoria..” like Lorella Giudici said), till the essential and pure and geometric squared spaces of Piet Mondrian and Kazimir Malevic.

In these four definite spaces we can see a place where compositive codes, thoughts and internal tensions of the artist try to look for a balance…and they finally do. And the artworks have the lightness of poetry.

The vernissage itself was very nice, alot of old friends and people drinking great wine and tasting goodies for about four hours, that i spent chatting, admiring the artworks and taking pictures till the end of the event.

When all the people went home Antonio said:“lets go to have an ice cream” so we walked to downtown having a beautiful conversation about art and photography. Antonio said that the reality attitude of photography is ended with the use of Photoshop: nobody today can’t say  what is real or “photoshopped” on a picture and he doesn’t like that. Sure i didn’t agre (LOL): i love use photoshop to add “personality” to a photograph or simply leave my sign.

We continued till dinner time that interesting chat (talking about also photographer-artists we can follow on the net (like Yell Saccani or Katia Chausheva): I have a high opinion of Antonio and his experience, so every analisys we do together helps me to grew in my artistic beliefs and in understanding…thank you!

(Photos  by G. Masala)

(original post on Inspirations – gianmario masala)

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