La sposina (Citra Mudgal’s book)


Well this is my work for the Artist’s book exhibithion at Gheroartè, as already explained in my las post, about the Citra Mudgal‘s book “The little bride” (La sposina).

The final artwork is the result of the elaboration on some photos i took of the original book, and on some scans of the original covers and texts in hindu.

Here are the following images of scan and photos I have used to create textures to overlay the picture (besides all the usual textures from Les  Brumes, JoesSistah, Skeletalmess etc), till to get the idea of vivid colors to reminds the tipycal colors of indian tattos and fabrics outfits.

Copyright © Gianmario Masala Artworks 2010


Scans and pics

Scans and pics

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