ArteAmbiente_2010 (Milano meeting)

On last March, 18 I partecipate to the meeting ArteAmbiente_2010 (art/ambient) at Gheroartè, “laboratori di espansione creativa” (warehouses of creativity expansion), in Corsico at Milan’s door (Italy). It was about works of artists using only ecological compatible and/or re-used and/or recyclable materials. The curators of the event were Antonella Prota Giurleo, Stefania Tussi, Marco Fantasia, that showed the works by some artists, collected for the meeting, and the previous experiences of some art exhibitions all around Italy and Europe and the world.

At first Marco Fantasia exposed the life and the activities of Gheroartè, as a place for artistic and musical events, with a selected eye on some expos about recycled materials installations (Katerina Gutierrez, Michele Lorenzelli, etc.).

Then the artist Antonella Prota Giurleo referred,  projecting on a screen with her laptop, about others interesting meetings and exhibitions that had taken place at Parco Sud Milano, Firenze (Florence), Gaeta, Napoli (Naples), Paris and FIAC. She also commented with the help of the present artists the amazing (or only interesting) artworks like installations, sculptures or paintings, showed on the screen.

Antonella started her presentation from the documentation themes you can see in Nature and Culture at Oltreluna to go on with the analysis about art movement of Cubism, Surrealism and the “objet trouvè”, Louse Nevelson til the Land Art and the attention to the ambient creating and making art.

Also in Italy the care of the ambient in art is assuming great interest: we have the sixth edition of “RiartEco” in Firenze, “Art in ice”, “Pietrarte” and Fienarte in Livigno (curator Luca Rendina), the “Asolo Recycled Art Festival” in Asolo, Ambientarte in Gaeta,“Nonsibuttavianulla” in Genova, “ScArti” in Avellino, “la via del Fieno” a Rocca Brivio in San Giuliano Milanese and many others.

Antonella Prota Giurleo also curated by herself “Ambientare l’Arte, in 2007, a living exhibition with eco-compatible Installations at Parco Sud in Milano: a catalogue present at the Gheroartè event showed all the artworks for the invited artists.

In the rest of the world, very interesting experiences in Argentina of artists from “Trash Art” (thanks to David Acevedo and Alberto Vàzquez), that organized a beautiful place for art called “Espacio Ave Fénix” opened to the public in 2008, with “Riciclarte” exhibition.

And the beautiful artworks of FIAC, contemporary arts fair, that takes place in Paris every year in autumn at Grand Palais and Louvre, with the partecipation of many artists from all over the world.

At ArtAmbiente meeting, was also introduced the Art-Zine “Bianchenere”, magazine of street art, where all the pubished artworks are on recycled paper and in black and white only, and the curators are Antonella P. G. with Gretel Fehr. The art-zine contains artworks from invited writers, visual artists, painters and photographers and is printed in limited number of copies.

Beside the presentation of all the artistic events from everywhere in Italy and abroad and of the art-zine, Antonella Prota and Stefania Tussi introduce to the public the little exhibition “Artists’ books”, inside the ArteAmbiente 2010 meeting, with the art works of about a dozen artists (and myself too…grins).

“La sposina”

The idea was about to work on some mistaken prints of the book by the hindi writer Citra Mudgal “The little bride” (la sposina), published by “A Oriente!”: every artist made an artwork on a copy of the little book.

Invited artists were: Nadia Magnabosco, Marilde Magni, Gretel Fehr, Antonio Sormani, Francesco Cucci, Ruggero Maggi, Peppe di Scampia, Marco Fantasia, Stefania Tussi, Donato di Poce, Isabella Gobbato, anna Rosa Faina gavazzi, Maria Grazia Zanmarchi, Fernanda Fedi, Gino Gini, Veronica Menni, Antonella Prota Giurleo and myself, Gianmario Masala. A beautiful experience to have a confrontation with other artists on same subject, the artist’s book, that have a very artistic origin started with a art movement i really love: Futurism.

Artists’ book Exhibition

The artists made interesting and various different artworks on the theme, and, as usual, I released a digital photo composition starting from some real photos taken with my Nikon and scans I did of the book, that in the end was the image of the never released cover of the book.

At last, to close the meeting, Stefania Tussi, suggested to the present artists the realization of two new artworks/installations to make with a metal cilinder and a cover of a cardboard box for the next month of june, that will be exsposed at Gheroartè during this 2010 (I will tell you about it for sure!).

(Photos courtesy of S. Tussi and G. Masala, edited by Gianmario Masala)

(original post on Inspirations – gianmario masala)

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