The art of Yell Saccani

everyday its a good day to loose it

everyday its a good day to loose it

Yell Saccani is an artist from Israel (with peruvian origins) that creates amazing artworks with her photos and her flickr stream is really inspiring to me. Since the first time i’ve seen her works i’ve thought about the poetry of Francis Bacon, one of my fav artist, and this was enough to get my complete attention.

The perfect use of the blurred focus and the tormented subjects of her artworks (where the model is herself and her body), with a strong presence of motion in them, make her photos like a painting.

There is also a great emotional component in her works that really can transmit to the spectator all the meanings the picture contains. Her visions are disturbing maybe, but you can’t ignore them, they are strong and they look very instinctive: you can feel her needs to MAKE that photo.

Yell looks like she can’t do anything else than express herself in that powerful and involving way. In every different work she gets a different interesting result, and this why I can’t wait to see her new picture again, and again and again….

I admin more than 40 groups on Flickr and honestly I would like to invite every new work of Yell in every group of mine; at same time Im happy to accept every photo she sends to my groups.

You can go to take a look deeper into her photostream, and her website and Facebook too, and I am sure you will feel all the perturbing fascination of her incredible work.

(original post on Inspirations – gianmario masala)

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